Community Spotlight: Harvest Hands

Food for Thought: The Movement Feeding our Future

1/7/20241 min read

In the heart of our communities, an unseen battle is being waged against food insecurity, touching the lives of families and particularly affecting children in schools. Today, we want to bring attention to the inspiring work of Harvest Hands, a beacon of hope and an instrumental partner to our organization dedicated to alleviating this silent struggle.

The promise of "We never say no" is a testament to the limitless compassion and commitment Harvest Hands has towards eradicating hunger. In Canada, enough food is produced each year to feed 52 million people. With a population of only 40 million, this means a very large portion of our food ends up in landfills. Harvest Hands has stood firm in their mission. They are not just a voice against waste but an active warrior in the redistribution of nourishment, helping not-for-profits like us ensure that no child goes to school with an empty stomach.

Each month, Harvest Hands orchestrates a symphony of generosity, translating into 52,000 meals provided to various organizations, directly impacting families in need. The math is simple yet profound: every dollar donated transforms into three wholesome meals. This incredible leverage is possible due to the unwavering dedication of 110 full-time volunteers, collectively contributing around 1000 hours weekly. These volunteers form the backbone of an operation that spans from Windsor to Oshawa and beyond, collaborating with 72 food processors, retailers, and farmers.

The influence of Harvest Hands doesn't stop at the community doorstep. They are a source of inspiration for organizations nationwide, painting a vision of a Canada where no person is hindered by hunger. Their model of rescuing and redistributing food is a beacon for others to follow, proving that together, we can turn the tide against food waste and insecurity.

As we continue our partnership with Harvest Hands, we invite you to join this movement. Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, is a step towards a future where every child can thrive.