Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request food assistance from The Lunchbox?

To request a food bundle, you must complete our Request Help form. Once we've received your form we will correspond with you via email. Requests are added to our list based on the order they were received. You will need to complete a new Request Form each time you need assistance.

How often can I receive food assistance from The Lunchbox?

At this time, the soonest we provide a food bundle to the same family is once every 3 weeks. How frequently we can provide a food bundle depends on the donations we receive.

Can I have my food bundle delivered?

Families can either pick up their bundle, or have it delivered. If a family requests delivery, they are added to our delivery list and then emailed when delivery is scheduled. Delivery is typically offered 1-2 times a week. Delivery may be less frequent during bad weather, such as a snow storm.

What types of food items are included in a food bundle?

All of the food that we offer to families is either rescued or donated. We usually have different items each week. Our goal is to have the freshest and healthiest items available but it all depends on the donations we receive. We aim to fill each bundle with items such as breads, produce, dairy and snack items. What we have received for donations will be provided in the bundles within the week. An important thing to note, we rely on rescued food for the majority of our donations. This means that some of the items we put into our bundles are either near expiry or expired but still deemed safe to eat.

What methods of communication will The Lunchbox use to communicate with me once I've requested help?

We will email you initially to gather final details before delivery is scheduled. Once delivery is set up, we will text you on delivery day.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at