Our Mission

To address food insecurity among school-aged children while simultaneously reducing food waste in landfills. We want to help struggling families by offering them donated and rescued food, ensuring that both hunger and environmental concerns are addressed.

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in supporting the overall growth and development of children, enabling them to thrive academically and socially. By addressing food insecurity, we can create an environment where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

How We Started

The Lunchbox London started in April 2023 as a grassroots organization that relied on donations from members of the London, Ontario community. We provided our first food donation in early May and within 8 months, delivered over 600 food bundles to families in need.

In November 2023 we became a registered Not-for-Profit. Becoming registered has opened new avenues for us to explore, such as sponsorships, grants and support from larger companies. We hope to continue making connections that will allow us to nourish the body and minds of the children in this city.