A New Chapter

A review of 2023 and the road ahead for The Lunchbox London

1/1/20242 min read

Starting as normal parents with a 5 year old son, we noticed families in local Facebook groups facing hardships and felt compelled to lend a hand. When we began, our first delivery included a loaf of bread, yogurt, and some snacks, all packaged in a reusable bag and given to a single mother.

Fast forward eight months, we've distributed 615 food bundles to families in dire need, all without any financial assistance. We've been resourceful, utilizing crowdsourced reusable bags, salvaging food nearing expiration, and welcoming food donations. Additionally, we've set up an Amazon wishlist that allows items to be directly delivered to us for redistribution to the most needy families.

Rooted in London, we're acutely aware of the difficult times many families face. With the community's support and donations of fresh groceries, we're dedicated to discreetly and non-judgmentally assisting families with school-aged children.

We have been received with open arms from local members of the community and are forever grateful for the assistance we have received so far. In particular, we have two donors who have regularly assisted with regular purchases of wish list orders and they often drop off yogurt to be given to our families. We also want to thank Urban Roots London who have provided fresh produce to us weekly, and Harvest Hands who have helped us bridge the gaps in our donations.

Looking ahead to 2024, our goal is to expand our reach and support families lacking the means to provide their children with school meals. Lunchbox London symbolizes our collective power to pool resources and foster a stronger, more supportive community.

Please keep an eye out for our next food drive at a local grocery store and remember, if you want to help us help our families we will pick up donations from you directly if you cannot drop off.

Just email: thelunchboxlondon@outlook.com